Gert Germeraad

Excerpts from"Depicting Criminals", a series of works based on the internet archive "Nicht mehr anonym" that is build around pictures from the victims of the Gestapo during World War II.

Gert Germeraad - depicting criminals

The polish worker Katharina Dobocs was arrested by the Gestapo in Vienna at 7-9-1942, under suspicion of 'illegal relations'. She was brought to concentration camp Ravensbrück

Gert Germeraad - depicting criminals

Depicting criminals - Vienna

'The Polish farmer Felix Oginsky was arrested at his work place in Velm (Niederösterreich) on suspicion of “Refusal to work” and was registered on June 27th, 1940 by the identification department of the Gestapo Vienna.'

Gert Germeraad . depicting criminals

Gert Germeraad - depicting criminals

"The polish worker Rosalia Glodzik was arrested by the identification department of Gestapo Vienna at 13-8-1940"

Gert Germeraad . depciting criminals

"The greek mechanic Konstantin Theologu was arrested at 24-10-1944 by the identification department of the Gestapo in Vienna. He died 22-3-1945 in concentration camp Mauthausen"